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Title: Applying Patterns with BizTalk ESB Toolkit
Length: This course is planned for intensive 2 days training, 8 hours per day.
Format: Instructor-led on site or remote.
Availability: from October 2016

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This course is designed to help customers who are familiar or already use BizTalk Server and ESB Toolkit. The purpose of this course is to show how to apply SOA, EAI and implementation patterns selected from different industry catalogs. Unlike any other courses for ESB Toolkit, the main focus of this material is on features, frameworks and extensibility points available in version 2.0 and higher.

This course is taught not by a trainer and provides attendees unique opportunity to learn ESB Toolkit from someone who built it.


This course was designed for developers and architects with minimum 1 year experience using BizTalk Server and ESB Toolkit version 2.0 or higher.


This course is built on problem-solution approach and includes advanced topics about extending BizTalk ESB Toolkit:

  • Create and test custom ESB Toolkit components.
  • Tailor itinerary designer experience with multiple types of extenders.
  • Effectively use toolkit frameworks and extension points.
  • Apply SOA and EAI patterns in practice.


The content of this course is spot between four topics below:


  • Architecture
  • Key Abstractions and Mechanisms

Implementation Patterns

This module covers implementation patterns with focus on framework features, extensibility and testing best practices when extending BizTalk ESB Toolkit. The extensibility topics include itinerary design experience and using custom extenders.

  • Adapter Provider
  • Adapter Manifest
  • Resolvers
  • Itinerary Services
  • On-ramps
  • Off-ramps

Enterprise Integration Patterns

The EAI patterns catalog is available online here. This module explains how to apply EAI patterns with BizTalk ESB Toolkit with practical examples. This section includes the following EAI patterns: Dead-Letter Channel,Routing Slip, Normalizer, Content-based Router.

SOA Design Patterns

The SOA patterns catalog is available online here. This module explains how to apply SOA patterns with BizTalk ESB Toolkit with practical examples, including:

  • Capability Composition/Recomposition
  • Deferred Processing


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