How does ESB Pack enable modern BizTalk DevOps?

This post is about ESB Pack for BizTalk Server design intents for DevOps.

Enterprise software market is being disrupted by the cloud and open source. New DevOps capabilities are evolving rapidly. There are popular open source products including InfluxDb, Grafana, Prometheus, Graphite, Snap and others. These products are used in many scenarios, including DevOps for cloud and enterprise.

The evolution of DevOps for enterprise integration is part of this trend. Composition of heterogeneous systems requires IT operators to collect and analyze metrics from multiple sources together to detect anomalies and prevent costly downtime.

Building integration solutions with closed products like BizTalk requires implementing advanced messaging scenarios. However, development, testing and operating these integration scenarios requires support for modern DevOps. Monitoring only integration performance for products like BizTalk helps to detect anomalies but may not enough to determine their root cause quickly.

During development of ESB Pack for BizTalk I’ve been asked why it does not have custom web application with metric widgets. There is no need in building proprietary visualization and closed metric stores. Customers should have a choice to configure the best possible and cost effective solution by combining best products for metrics collection, time series and data visualization.

For example, the mechanism to collect events for BizTalk Server and AppFabric for Windows is the same when hosting in Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and enterprise datacenter. However, decision where to store metrics and how to visualize them adds more flexibility for each type of deployment.

There are common BizTalk integration scenarios that include IBM MQ, Linux and Windows. With modern DevOps, IT operators should be able to create visualizations to combine metrics that are critical for system composition as a whole. For example, data from Prometheus, InfluxDb and others can be combined together in the same Grafana dashboard for detecting anomalies and identifying performance bottlenecks.

The increasing enterprise adoption of open source will accelerate same for modern DevOps. If you have hybrid enterprise (datacenter and cloud), choosing unified DevOps strategy is critical to ensure success.

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