Why modernize BizTalk Server when Microsoft is committed to this product?

Recent feature packs released by Microsoft mainly improve using BizTalk Server as gateway to Azure. Our main focus is on cloud native computing and Kubernetes. Therefore, we believe that monitoring and ESB capabilities for BizTalk should be the same regardless of whether it is deployed in datacenter or in the cloud.  Moreover, this pack integrates monitoring for BizTalk with open source software which is de-facto standard for cloud monitoring: operators can use same tools for analyzing metrics from BizTalk and containers deployed on Kubernetes.  

Why ESB extension pack is offered as software product?

Infragravity is company founded by former Microsoft employee who led development of ESB toolkit, so we have history of developing product that remains part of BizTalk Server today. Many customers invested in BizTalk product licensing and paid around 10,000$ per processor core. This pack offers to protect this investment by modernizing core product with cost savings used for other customer initiatives related to digital transformation.

What about cost comparison between this pack and other competitors?

Many companies offer only commercial licensing for software related to BizTalk with dependency on SQL Server. Thus, customers have to pay direct and indirect costs to get started. ESB pack for BizTalk 2016 is free to start and does not require SQL Server: commercial support is optional.          

How monitoring with ESB Pack is different from other software for BizTalk Server?

There are very few choices for monitoring BizTalk. Some commercial solutions claim they have monitoring, but instead focus on administration and analyzing data collected by BizTalk Server itself. In other words, these solutions simply poll data collected by BizTalk or Azure services for queues or other Microsoft offerings. This approach is not effective because BizTalk runtime has not enough telemetry needed to effectively operate it.  

This pack solves this challenge and offers white box monitoring for all technologies used by BizTalk without need for Azure or SQL Server. WCF, ESB and BizTalk analytic events are examples of that. Operations can download this pack and start in minutes by taking advantage of modern technologies for cloud native monitoring widely used by industry today to become reliability engineers not only for BizTalk but for containers on Kubernetes as well using same set of tools.

Why ESB pack focus on reliability engineering?

If you cannot tell how long it took to receive given message in your service, how many messages and components failed service level agreements, compare performance after deployments then you are not professional software engineer. You may be integration developer who only uses tracking collected by BizTalk. 

How can ESB Pack save time and cost for BizTalk operators?

BizTalk Server has been around for many years and remains difficult to operate.  This pack allows operators to implement system reliability engineering by integrating with modern open source software widely used in the cloud today for monitoring complex infrastructures with thousands of servers. Thus, whether you use Windows containers, BizTalk or other application on Microsoft platform, operators can use same stack for monitoring on any cloud: private or public. 

Why invest in improving ESB itineraries?

BizTalk customers use exception management and resolver framework for service discovery which are provided by ESB Toolkit.  Dynamic messaging approach is used by MuleSoft and other competitors in integration space.  Infragravity is the only company with expertise in itinerary framework because of our history building itinerary runtime included in BizTalk Server 2016 and earlier versions.  This pack adds support for sub-flows with traceability that developers can also use when building BizTalk components.     

Where to download ESB Pack for BizTalk Server?

The binaries for BizTalk Server 2016 are published at our downloads page. The bits are compatible with feature packs 1 and 2. 

Where to download ESB Pack for BizTalk 2010?

Please contact us for information about how to download this version. 

What license is used for ESB feature pack?

It uses evaluation license. If you decide to use it in production, we offer free BSD license. Paid support plan is optional.

Does installation of the pack change behavior of BizTalk ESB Toolkit?

This feature pack ESB components extend capabilities of the toolkit and fully compatible with supported version of BizTalk Server. The installation and configuration does not alter any runtime behavior or components included in the toolkit.

What are prerequisites for this download?

Microsoft BizTalk Server and ESB Toolkit are required. 

Is ESB pack for BizTalk Server 2016 available?

Yes, the feature pack for BizTalk 2016 also available. Please contact us for more information how you can obtain this version.

Can monitoring  be configured to use compatible event store hosted on AWS and Azure?

Yes, monitoring agent can be configured to use compatible event store on-premise or in the cloud.

Is source code for signed binaries included?

Source code will not be shipped.

How to report issues and bugs?

Please feel free post questions to support group created for this purpose.

Will bug fixes and support be provided?

For more information about commercial use and support options, please feel free to contact us. Please note that bug fixes will be provided on best effort basis without support agreement.