ESB Feature Pack complements BizTalk Server with new features that make it even more powerful and easier to use as Enterprise Service Bus. It extends BizTalk with powerful features, new runtime capabilities, itinerary designer extensions and performance monitoring.

Why choose ESB Pack for BizTalk Server?

Lower Costs

Protect existing investment in BizTalk Server as enterprise service bus by adding new features and capabilities to reduce TCO and improve agility. Find and resolve defects in seconds instead of days.

Runtime Metrics

Measure quality of integration solutions by collecting enterprise service bus metrics at runtime. Seamlessly replace AppFabric for Windows Server monitoring feature. Collect runtime metrics for services and workflows.

Effective DevOps

Increase development, test and operations productivity within enterprise or "IT as a Service" company. Analyze performance and health metrics from different sources to detect anomalies and prevent downtime.


Deliver solutions faster by reducing complexity with even more extension points for BizTalk enterprise service bus and monitoring. Leverage our integrations with visualization tools and event stores.


Compose integration flows using advanced itinerary logic provided by new services and designer extensions. Leverage new powerful branching, filtering and flow control.
Activity Monitoring
Collect performance metrics at runtime from multiple sources using high-performance tracing. Choose trace levels from critical errors, health and end-to-end monitoring.
Integrated for DevOps
Store runtime metrics in SQL Server or compatible time series database. Use our example dashboards or create yours.

Advanced Microflows

for BizTalk ESB

New services, resolvers, filters. Includes new runtime features to enable new messaging scenarios. The itinerary designer extensions allow creation of advanced message flows with branching, filtering and flow control. More extension points and samples for implementing industry known patterns.

Activity Monitoring

for historical events

Monitor BizTalk Server ESB itineraries, on-ramps, outbound and failed messages without BAM. This feature also can replace similar capability in Microsoft AppFabric for Windows Server. Easy installation and configuration.


for DevOps

Analyze metrics per environment, machine or event level to detect anomalies and errors using our integration with time series databases. Combine metrics from BizTalk ESB and other systems to optimize performance of integration solutions. Leverage integration with Grafana visualization software to create powerful dashboards. Use our sample dashboards or create yours.

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