This feature pack is most comprehensive update for BizTalk ESB capabilities available today. It provides essential functions for development, testing and operations to significantly reduce time, cost and increase agility:

  • Runtime enhancements - modernized itinerary runtime and services enable complex messaging patterns, branching, execution, composition and exception handling.
  • Design improvements - developers can use new resolvers, filters, messaging services and designer extensions for building complex itinerary flows.
  • Monitoring - allows measure performance for itineraries, on-ramps, off-ramps and exception management events without dependency on BAM. Similar to monitoring BizTalk and ESB itinerary metrics, the monitoring agent included in this feature pack supports metric collection from Microsoft AppFabric for Windows Server. These metrics include WCF, WF and IIS.
  • Integrated for telemetry collection -  events can be stored in time series or relational databases.  
  • Integrated for visualization - performance engineers can create dashboards for metric visualization and alerts using integration with Grafana software.
  • Simplified configuration - includes install scripts, utilities and framework to automate registration of ESB components.

To learn more about Microsoft BizTalk Server and ESB Toolkit, please refer to BizTalk Server 2010 ESB Training Kit and and development center published on MSDN.

What’s New in ESB Feature Pack for BizTalk Server

This feature pack provides set of tools, libraries and reusable components which extends BizTalk with new capabilities, including integration with modern DevOps tools. It includes the following new features:

  • Enhanced messaging -  itinerary-based routing using message exchange patterns not supported by BizTalk ESB Toolkit. Developers can use advanced logic for itinerary composition and branching in the designer.
  • Itinerary services -  includes capabilities for context management, error handling and branching.
  • Improved runtime - improved itinerary capabilities including simplified instantiation, chaining, flow control, caching, error handling and traceability. 
  • Runtime metrics - for ESB itineraries, on-ramps, off-ramps, failed messages and user events. The active metric collection provides minimal performance overhead and low memory footprint without dependency on BAM.
  • Analytic tracing -  telemetry collection from Microsoft AppFabric for Windows Server or BizTalk ESB. This feature can be used without BizTalk Server for monitoring workflow or web services built with Microsoft WCF and WF.
  • Advanced tracking and exception management - enables correlation between records for failed messages and itineraries using BAM and analytic tracing.
  • Telemetry - supports storing collected metrics in compatible time series database or relational databases. Events from Microsoft AppFabric for Windows Server can be stored in SQL Server database with compatible schema.
  • Extensibility - more extension points, which are not available in BizTalk ESB Toolkit.
  • Frameworks and Utilities - ESB component registration and improved import.
  • Resolvers - set of new resolvers for improving itinerary branchning logic and SQL resolver.
  • Filtering and Branching - improved filtering and extension points for easy creation variations of  services.
  • Itinerary Designer extensions - supports new itinerary export, resolvers, messaging and orchestration services.
  • Easy install - PowerShell scripts for automated provisioning.
  • Samples - for using all new features, including implementation of SOA and EAI patterns (including DeadLetter Channel, Normalizer, GuaranteedDelivery, Broker).
  • General bug fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download ESB Pack for BizTalk Server?

The binaries for BizTalk Server 2016 are published at our downloads page. The bits are compatible with feature packs 1 and 2. 

Where to download ESB Pack for BizTalk 2010?

Please contact us for information about how to download this version. 

What license is used for ESB feature pack?

It uses evaluation license.

Does installation of the pack change behavior of BizTalk ESB Toolkit?

This feature pack ESB components extend capabilities of the toolkit and fully compatible with supported version of BizTalk Server. The installation and configuration does not alter any runtime behavior or components included in the toolkit.

What are prerequisites for this download?

Microsoft BizTalk Server and ESB Toolkit are required. 

Is ESB pack for BizTalk Server 2016 available?

Yes, the feature pack for BizTalk 2016 is also available. Please contact us for more information how you can obtain this version.

Can monitoring  be configured to use compatible event store hosted on AWS and Azure?

Yes, monitoring agent can be configured to use compatible event store on-premise or in the cloud.

Is source code for signed binaries included?

Source code will not be shipped.

How to report issues and bugs?

Please feel free post questions to support group created for this purpose.

Will bug fixes and support be provided?

For more information about commercial use and support options, please feel free to contact us. Please note that bug fixes will be provided on best effort basis without support agreement.