Installing Sonar on Windows Container

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Sonar v0.1.8 or higher


The following monitoring scenarios should be considered:

  • Monitoring WMI, performance counters on Windows container.
  • Monitoring product specific metrics, for example SQLServer or BizTalk Server.

These scenarios are useful for gathering key metrics from Windows container , processes or products that are needed for monitoring and anomaly detection.

Benefits and Liabilities

The following benefits and liabilities should be considered before monitoring event logs with Sonar:


  • Minimal performance impact – query Windows container and host metrics locally or remotely from Nano Server containers (with process or Hyper-V isolation).
  • Cloud-native collection  for events – Sonar supports exposing collected records from Windows event log to InfluxDb (via UDP).
  • Cloud-native collection for metrics – Sonar supports exposing metrics to Prometheus.
  • Using either InfluxData TICK stack enables anomaly detection and machine learning for collected event log records by application or severity.


  • InfluxDb and/or Prometheus are required for storing metrics collected by Sonar.
  • Sonar daemon requires configuring queries for metrics that should be scraped on periodic intervals.


See WebAPI sample and Dockerfile for deploying Sonar in Nano Server container.

Last Updated On September 18, 2018