Installing Sonar on Windows Container

Last Updated On September 18, 2018
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Sonar v0.1.8 or higher


The following monitoring scenarios should be considered:

  • Monitoring WMI, performance counters on Windows container.
  • Monitoring product specific metrics, for example SQLServer or BizTalk Server.

These scenarios are useful for gathering key metrics from Windows container , processes or products that are needed for monitoring and anomaly detection.

Benefits and Liabilities

The following benefits and liabilities should be considered before monitoring event logs with Sonar:


  • Minimal performance impact – query Windows container and host metrics locally or remotely from Nano Server containers (with process or Hyper-V isolation).
  • Cloud-native collection  for events – Sonar supports exposing collected records from Windows event log to InfluxDb (via UDP).
  • Cloud-native collection for metrics – Sonar supports exposing metrics to Prometheus.
  • Using either InfluxData TICK stack enables anomaly detection and machine learning for collected event log records by application or severity.


  • InfluxDb and/or Prometheus are required for storing metrics collected by Sonar.
  • Sonar daemon requires configuring queries for metrics that should be scraped on periodic intervals.


See WebAPI sample and Dockerfile for deploying Sonar in Nano Server container.