The latest version 0.1.7 has been released. Container images for Linux and Windows are available at Docker Hub repository

Monitoring SQL Server

  • Support for monitoring SQL Server for Linux on Kubernetes. Helm chart for deploying Sonar to Kubernetes is available in our GitHub repository.
  • Support for monitoring SQL Server from Windows  or any database records that should be imported as metrics to InfluxDb or Prometheus.

Monitoring Windows Servers and Containers

  • Support monitoring Windows containers on Nano Server as sidecar. This option allows you to monitor multiple Windows containers on the same host. 
  • Updated core framework to support easy creation of input adapters. The adapters for metric collection from WMI and SQL Server are included in this release. Performance counters will be supported in the next release. 
  • Improved format of Sonar query performance metrics. 
  • General bug fixes.