The new 0.1.9 version of Sonar for monitoring Windows containers and hosts has been released. Sonar is metric collection agent for Windows that can be deployed on Nano Server containers, Docker and Kubernetes. This release adds integration with time series databases not supported in previous version. 

What's New in this Release

This release includes:

  • Output adapter for sending metrics to Akumuli time series database ( support UDP and TCP).
  • General bug fixes.
  • The Web API sample in GitHub repository has been updated with latest version of configuration files.
  • Updated sidecar images are available on Docker Hub.

This release expands choices for time series databases for storing collected metrics. Below are Windows containers metrics collected by Sonar, stored in Akumuli time series database, shown in Grafana:


Below are the links to Sonar documentation:

For more information about Sonar, please see WebAPI sample on GitHub and documentation.