The new v0.2.3 version of Sonar has been released. Latest bits are available for download on GitLab. Sonar is metric collection agent for Windows and Linux that can be deployed on Nano Server containers, Docker and Kubernetes. This release adds new features and capabilities that did not exists in the previous version.

Supported scenarios

  • Collecting metrics from Windows OS and containers. Telemetry can be exposed to with Prometheus or sent to InfluxDb and Akumuli time-series databases.
  • Monitoring databases and collecting telemetry from relational data (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle).

What's New in this Release

This release is available for download on Gitlab:

  • Grouping queries into single unit of work (arrays).
  • Watch and reload configuration without redeployment on Kubernetes.
  • Secrets in adapter connection string for Kubernetes.
  • Streamlined deployment of multiple configuration files with Helm.
  • Helm chart repository on GitLab.
  • General bug fixes.
  • Improved logging.
  • The custom adapter samples¬†have been updated to support MySQL and Oracle databases.

This release adds ability to share pre-configured sets of queries and extend monitoring agent with new input adapters. For example, query set for monitoring all Windows event logs can be reusable across multiple organizations who deploy Sonar. More arrays for specialized metrics are planned in the future. For more information about Sonar, please see samples on GitLab and documentation.